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“The supreme accomplishment is to blur the line between work and play.”—Arnold Toynbee

I read this article today, and I thought to myself, yes! It’s easy to push your ideas and dreams to one side if it seems that to make them the whole of your life would be impossible, but what about transforming 10% of your life? Because that my friend is entirely possible. Let’s face it, a lot of people don’t enjoy their job, a lot of people don’t even have a job – the reality is that you probably won’t end up being employed to do something you love but it doesn’t mean you can’t do that thing that you love anyway. The likelihood of me waking up tomorrow having suddenly acquired amazing artistic talents and someone willing to pay me for them is pretty much zero, but that doesn’t mean I should give up on it.

I started this blog for a few reasons, one was an attempt for it to become a catalyst that would compel me to keep up drawing, but since starting it I feel like I’ve opened a little window in my brain and hey presto in floods bright light and fresh air. I’m thinking of ideas all the time now, constantly, I’m practically itching to get them down on paper. Just by allowing myself to let go, my brain has decided to work. My mum, who despairs at what a cynic, skeptic and all round negativity-machine I am at times, has urged me to read ‘The Secret’. I dismissed it as something for single women to read once they’d finished watching their Sex&the City box-sets for the third time (that week). BUT, I have to say – while not every affirmation/quote etc. speaks to me, there is a really interesting concept around the ‘Law of Attraction’ which even the cynic in me is starting to believe in. Nothing to do with kissing boys, the law of attraction (as far as I understand, I haven’t read that much) is about putting out into the universe what you’d like to receive back. And almost since the moment I sharpened my dusty colouring pencils, my grey days are that little bit brighter.

Marc Mongeau – Just lovely. Children’s illustrations don’t all have to be sweetness and light.

Portfolio of Marc Mongeau, Canada on The Creative Finder.

I’m constantly thinking about the book now, but I reallly realllly don’t want to get ahead of myself, so trying very hard to be constrained and work on my other silly little asides to prepare. I don’t want to mess this up. I’m almost afraid to start it because I have a horrible fear that it won’t be good enough – like everything else I’ve ever done (thank you soul crushing architecture degree).

BUT, things are starting to formulate slowly in my head – as mushy as it sounds , Ava and Finn are constant ideas factories, well, cause they’re kids aren’t they? What I’ll say for now is that fear is a major theme, I was a scaredy-cat kid and they say you should draw on life experience, so I’ll go from there. I love how The above illustration presents itself as a perfectly acceptable children’s picture but we can still derive something just a little more sinister too….

Looking at hearts again today, meandered briefly into a cartoony type style…I think I’ll probably keep that in mind to a certain extent. Been trying to doodle freely just to remind myself of any bad habits I have (digging in too hard and drawing everything too small btw) and now have a little collection of ideas to start with too. I want to pursue the idea of distortion and that’s where I’ll be going next.

The Surkin album has been a delightful backdrop today too, here – listen 


The first project I want to complete involves a heart. Not my heart of course, I’m way too cool for that sort of emotional stuff obviously.

Either way, hearts are what I’m thinking about right now, and whilst I *think* I know how I want this image to finish up, I would be cheating myself if I ran straight to that point. So, let’s starting playing with hearts and see what happens.


Attempting to engage my brain again into semi-creative mode, and whilst this blog is essentially a vehicle for the writing of the book (motivation and charting progress) there are other projects which I’ve been thinking about. I feel that it’s important to try and achieve as many mini-project goals along the way – not only to build some sort of portfolio of work/achievements/assorted junk but also to continually challenge myself creatively and to learn. I’m starting the easy way bu looking at lovely things other talented people have done, and trying to learn from that.

I suppose it’s pertinent to warn you now, if you expect this blog to be in any way lucid or follow one particular road, you won’t get it. Expect ramblings and random thoughts, I can’t stay within the lines!

Oh, and look at these beautiful things by Yasmeen Ismail….


I’ve thought about creating a blog for a long time, it was an empty thought really when really I had nothing to say, it was just something else to do. While I still probably have very little (of use or interest) to say, there’s now a higher purpose at least.

Things which suck = not being creative, things that are lovely = my niece (Ava) and nephew (Finn), things which I wish to be good at = writing sentences and drawing nice pictures. So, here I am attempting to write and illustrate a book for my niece and nephew and probably more than that, here I am trying to colour-in my life.